Saturday Sample: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter

        Darien sat alone on the park bench thinking about the night before. Tonight, he was alone after ensuring Sarah was safely asleep in her room. He needed a moment to process everything that happened to him ever since arriving in this new town. The feeling of loss and powerlessness overwhelmed him. Darien didn’t know how much longer he could shoulder working a full-time job, going to school and raising Sarah all by himself. Life seemed harder every single day for him.

        Despite his troubling circumstances, he couldn’t get Amber out of his mind. Compared to  Becky or any girl he dated in the last three years, Amber was a breath of fresh air.  The way she made Sarah smile was something he hadn’t seen since their parents were still alive. Darien wanted to see Amber again, but he had to go meet the Jiminy first. Richard Smegma’s defeat was a priority.

      Going to the Jiminy’s house wasn’t easy for Darien since it was in a very sketchy neighborhood. Jiminy’s house was the worst looking house in the block. The windows were littered in bullet holes likely due to gang warfare in the area. The grass on the lawn wasn’t cut and the trash was littered in front of the lawn. Nearby, there was a crackhead digging through trash and swaying around as he walked. Darien made sure to keep that person in his sights but not to let them get too close. The last thing Darien needed was a street fight.

        Darien knocked on the old, broken door hoping this would be a short, painless encounter. Knowing the Jiminy was associated with Humberto meant that the thought of an easy encounter was simply wishful thinking. How was he going to convince the Jiminy to get him what he wanted free of charge?

        There was no answer on the door what Darien felt might’ve been ten minutes. He turned around about to leave until he heard the creak of a door opening. Within the doorway stood an old woman who appeared as though she just woke up from a long sleep. She looked at Darien with distrust in her eye as he approached. Darien had a bad feeling but brushed that thought aside. The objective was more important than intuition.

Until the next daydream……..

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