Saturday Sample: Grey Void

A dreamer rises from slumber

Regretting the action instantly.

No one to speak with and nothing to imagine

Within the void of grey.

The dreamer walks on to try and escape,

To find a path to avoid the grey.

Energy slowly draining,

The dreamer’s hope fades.

The grey void surrounds all it touches,

Stealing life from all that lives.

The dreamer continues movement,

Haunted by memories of shame with every step.

Every misdeed of the dreamer

Returns to memory with each step forward.

Every failure envelops the dreamer’s mind as the void

Resumes its unholy possession of the mind.

The grey void must be avoided at all costs,

Its presence a calamity to all who value hope.

To remain in the embrace of the Grey Void is to

Accept a fate without hope.

A life worse than death.

The dreamer escapes understanding

That nothing is worse than the void.

The nightmare world ahead is a lesser evil

Than the void the dreamer has abandoned.

The void stretches further and the dreamer runs

To avoid the fog of the grey void.

Trading one Hell for another.

Until the next daydream……..

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