Weekly Thoughts: Ice Cream Prank Trend

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Thursday Thought where I casually discuss whatever is on my mind whether it’s current events, pop culture, or any other topic that comes to mind.

Today’s topic is the current viral trend of people spitting on, licking or otherwise contaminating food in grocery stores that they did not buy and putting it back on the shelf on camera for internet fame.

One would ask why this is a trend to begin with considering the fact that these people are breaking the law and putting the incriminating evidence on camera for the entire world wide web to see. Anyone with even the slightest amount of Common Sense would know how stupid that is.

Unfortunately, we live in an era where common sense is not so common. People nowadays will do anything for attention regardless of whether it hurts others or not since compassion and virtue are no longer traits people find desirable in their fellow man. The fact is our society is broken and people view attention whether it’s positive or negative as something that they need to have due to a false sense of inflated validation. This results in a culture where everyone will try to perform the most shocking action they can think of in order to get the most views on social media.

The problem with these Trends is that they hurt others. These people don’t value common decency or respect for others. Keeping that in mind the question that one must ask is how do we stop this from continuing?

The answer I think would work the best is to stop thinking of these people as rational human beings and start treating them according to the way they act. Individuals who display a lack of empathy for others and damage property for the sake of social media clout do not think on the level of normal individuals, therefore, they don’t think of long-term consequences on society such as stores raising prices, police presence in every grocery store, or the store resorting to placing every item behind glass which is an inconvenience for the average customer.

What these individuals do understand is immediate consequences. The only way to deal with people like this is to punish them as swiftly and as harshly as humanly possible or else the trend will continue. Every slap on the wrist is a green light for others to perform the same actions for the sake of social media clout. If they behave like idiots, society must treat them like idiots. That is the only way these people will ever learn to no longer continue such actions. These individuals are short-term thinkers, so in order to stop them from continuing such Behavior, they must be punished immediately.

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Until the next daydream……..

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