Weekly Cliffhanger: Dilemma

The Ceratronian terrorists were still fighting with the police outside as David hid in his hotel room. He had no idea where the rest of his university’s debate team was. David could only hope the rest of them were okay as he heard the gunfire in the background.

David didn’t know what else to do, so he walked into the bathroom to wash his face after having successfully outrun the robotic terrorists. Now that the police were present, they couldn’t make time to search for him anyhow. David opened the door and was taken aback immediately afterwards recoiling in fear.

Standing in the bathroom facing him was a Ceratronian woman. Her grey metal skin reflected the hotel’s dim light. She had a full head of brown human hair, blue glowing eyes that lit up like a computer’s screen, and an innocent look about her. David had never seen a Ceratronian in his life, but he never imagined a robotic lifeforms could be so beautiful. He could tell by looking at her that she was just as scared as he was.

“Please, dont hurt me,” was her immediate response.

“I won’t. I won’t, David replied with his hands up.

David immediately heard a knock on the door. The police announced their presence immediately afterwards. David stood frozen in fear as the female Certronian hid herself behind the shower curtain.

“Please. I beg of you. Don’t let them find me. They kill our kind on sight,” the girl informed him, the fear in her voice present.

David stood there motionless and uncertain of his next move. Would he help this girl he had never met? Would David inform the police of her presence? There seemed to be no right decision as the knocking on the door continued…..

Until the next daydream……..

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