Weekly Thoughts: Creators, Don’t Listen to SJWs!

Whether it’s writing a book, developing a video game, creating an artistic masterpiece or working on any creative project, one will know the value of hard work, dedication and effort into one’s project. The blood, sweat, and tears put into something that can change another person’s perspective on reality or simply make them enjoy something different is a testament to one’s raw passion put into practice. The most rewarding experience a creator can enjoy is when others enjoy your work and recommend it to a wider audience. There is nothing like realizing that your work is genuinely appreciated by an audience no matter how small.

Where there is an audience of adoring fans, there will also be critics of such work. Some criticism can be healthy if constructive or can help the creator find something that they did not previously consider thanks to a second opinion. Then there is the type of criticism that doesn’t serve to help anyone. There are individuals in any scene or movement that will work tirelessly to ruin someone’s reputation at all costs.

In today’s outrage culture, the second group of individuals are usually known as Social Justice Warriors or SJWs for short. The SJWs are commonly associated with Left Wing political circles but can also be right wing as well. The one common denominator of these agitators of negativity is that they will try to incorporate their belief system into any medium regardless of whether the medium is politically based or not.

The SJW has a tendency to try and suggest the artist or creator change their work to fit the SJW’s needs. As far as one is concerned, you must NEVER under any circumstances listen to the SJW when they suggest what they would like to see changed in your preferred medium of creation. If you listen to the SJW’s suggestions, your career could potentially be completely ruined as an artist or developer. The SJWs are especially problematic in mediums such as gaming, comics, and TV because they have nothing better to do than make entertainment as miserable as they are.

There are several reasons why content creators must discontinue taking the suggestions offered by SJWs seriously when it comes to creating entertainment. For now, let’s only focus on a few of those reasons listed below.

Their ideas are always ideological or political in nature

Whenever a social justice Warrior suggests that you should change your product to fit their needs there’s always a guarantee that the product that needs changing often has something to do with their ideology or political viewpoint. How often have you witnessed these busybodies constantly suggesting that an author or an artist to change their character’s outfit because it might be too sexually suggestive? If it’s not the character’s outfit, they’ll also suggest that the author change the story to fit their worldview with the excuse of “keeping up with the times”. Whether it’s right or left-wing politics, they will always try to incorporate their ideology into an author’s original work without the sacrifice of time and effort on their part. If the author is to take the suggestion seriously, it will no longer be their work because someone else who they do not know has basically written their story for them. A content creator must never let someone else write their story or create their characters for them. The story no longer becomes an artistic expression, but a propaganda piece.

Their ideas usually end up in failure

Have you ever heard the term Get woke, Go broke? In any artistic medium, this term is used for a very good reason. The final result of taking an SJW suggestion on your artistic medium seriously is almost always met with market failure. Countless franchises have failed as a result of listening to Outrage Culture when it came to writing the story or developing a character within a story. Every racial cultural or gender change within a franchise almost always seems to come from a place of political ideology and not from a sense of originality. Instead of creating genuinely new characters or new stories, they simply change the gender race or social construct of an already existing franchise because they cannot come up with their own product. This, in turn, alienates the original audience and people stop buying their products. Do you really think it’s worth it to get laid off because some hipster on Twitter told you you should change the race of your character? When your bank account is on the line, you should think about who’s paying your bills instead of who’s getting angry every time you do something they don’t like. In this case, the customer is always right which brings me to my next and final point.

SJWs are not or will ever become your customers

Let’s make one thing clear. The SJW has never brought anything to the table. They don’t buy your products. They don’t advertise your products. They don’t even suggest that other people buy your products. They are not part of the marketing campaign. They don’t help you write your story or design your characters. So why are you listening to their suggestions? Why should anyone listen to someone who has no stake in the success of your franchise or ideas? They are not part of the original audience and they don’t care to be. This has been proven repeatedly. Listening to the suggestions of an SJW only benefits them. The author or artist ends up alienating their own core audience and losing profit. Outrage Culture sacrifices nothing. In the end outrage culture only benefits in destroying an original product or franchise while losing nothing themselves since their name is not on the final product. Take me to the suggestions of SJWs seriously in your creative medium only stands to hurt you in the end. Whether your product succeeds or fails they were never going to buy it no matter how many changes you make to appease them. They don’t care about your product. They only care about control. Do not listen to them. Ignore the suggestions and continue movement until your product is finished. Let outrage culture retain their anger until they realize it no longer benefits them to continue to stay angry.

Until the next daydream……..

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