“Even Losers Can Dream.”

Daria sat on the stairs as Enrique looked towards the window. The sun illuminated the small stairway as a tear escaped Daria’s eye. Austin sat next to Daria with an arm around her attempting to reassure the depressed woman.

“When you think about, we’ve failed yet again. What’s the point in any of this? Our lives just seem to get worse. We’re losers. The three of us. We’re losers,” Daria started with melancholy in her voice.

“Even if that’s true, we can still dream. We can still try. Giving up won’t make out lives any better. Time’s gonna pass us by whether we sit on our asses or do the right thing. Maybe we are losers, but even losers can dream,” Enrique replied looking towards the pair as they sat.

Enrique opened the door to the next floor. The monsters that haunted the apartments in this neighborhood could easily have killed him if he made even one mistake, but Enrique knew that staying in the staircase would’ve made that inevitable as he walked through the doorway.

Until the next daydream……..

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