Active Shooter

“Malthus. Remember your mission.”

“Yes, sir!”

“There is an active shooter at the Oak Tail High School, Malthus. He’s carrying an AK-47. The police are on scene. The shooter will not be able to handle them. You must get to him before the police do. Ensure that you eliminate him unseen. Make it look like a suicide.”

“Is that all?”

“Negative. The primary objective is not to simply eliminate the target. Your purpose is to ensure that this incident gains national coverage. Eliminate as many students and faculty as possible without being suspected. I have left your weapons and ammunition in the janitor’s closet. Your student ID that is in your possession should be able to eliminate suspicion for now. They are too concerned with keeping their heads down to notice you if you’re quick enough. Make sure you can eliminate a few cops as well, but ensure that they don’t see you. Once you’ve caused enough chaos, eliminate the active shooter and leave immediately. You will notice you have the same weaponry as the shooter to cover your tracks and remove suspicion. Do you understand your mission, Malthus?”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Oh, and Malthus?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Happy 16th birthday. I promise when this is over, we have a big cake and a lovely party waiting for you at home. Now go on, make me proud, son.”

“Yes, father.”

Until the next daydream……..

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