Weekly Thought: Jessica Yaniv: The End of Clown World?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jessica Yaniv by now. The trans woman is notorious for suing people because they refused to wax her male genitalia in waxing salons. This individual also attempted to host a pool party for people 12 and under and presented it as a topless pool party. Jessica Yaniv has a rap sheet full of questionable mannerisms on her list and uses the trans identity as a way to excuse her behavior.

The existence of Jessica Yaniv does pose an interesting dilemma considering now that this person is in court. Will clown world let her get away with her actions or will they put her in her place?

If the latter ends up being the case, this will mean that the insanity of Clown World has limits. It ensures that someone can go too far. And if that’s the case, it means clown world is coming to an end. It lets everyone know that there are boundaries that cannot be broken or crossed.

However, if the former is generally the case, then there’s no limit to what mentally unstable people can do because no one will enforce the laws to prevent them from hurting others.

What do you think? Is clown world finally coming to an end or is this only the beginning? Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Until the next daydream……..

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