Under the Tree of Fate

This is an preview from my upcoming novel entitled Manifesto. Please feel free to comment on the following preview. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Jun 12, 2019

        I had the dream again. I was walking through the woods like I normally would on the way to work. Leaves fell softly from the trees dancing with the cool breeze that caressed my face. It felt as if the breeze itself meant to comfort me from the blistering heat of the early summer. I sat under the cherry blossom tree near the hiker’s trail. It was the only cherry blossom tree in the entirety of these woods. It was my spot to sit down when I needed a place to be away from everything. But this wasn’t reality. This was a dream. As I sat down, my body’s energy began to wither away. I felt as though I was fading into nothingness. I felt weightless. I was losing control of my own functions as the petals floated in the wind decorating the direction of my eyesight which also began to fail me.

           When I awoke. Work was nothing special. I minded my business and got home safely enough. I sat down on my computer desk and listened to the soft sounds of ambient music, lo fi jazz and hip hop as my body relaxed. The Maker’s Mark was kicking in and I felt the whiskey alleviating my stress even if it was only for a moment as I started to fall into a deep sleep.

     Manifesto End

Until the Next Daydream

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