5/16/2020: Daydreams Manifesting Moving Forward

Hello everyone, I know it has been far too long since I’ve posted on this blog, but ever since this COVID-19 breakout, I’ve been busy almost nonstop. I’ve also been lazier than I care to admit. I do want to keep you guys updated on my status, the status of the website, and the direction in which Daydreams Manifesting will be heading for the foreseeable future.

The first order of business will focus on what to expect from this website from now on. The primary focus will be on the discussion and implementation of the creative mind. What does this mean exactly? Well, to be honest, Daydreams Manifesting will still try to do entertainment reviews, short stories, previews, and other work. I will honestly say that I cannot create these mediums in the volume that I used to. but there will be one review a month, one creative work per month, and one blog post per week at bare minimum. The blog posts will feature updates on the reviews and creative works. The blog posts will also discuss current events, opinions on various topics, or whatever comes to my mind. I will basically be chronicling my life and creative efforts on a weekly basis so that I never stop writing as well as give my Daydreamers something to look forward to regularly.

As of right now, the state I live in is in a sort of semi lockdown. They are loosening restrictions as far as I can tell since more stores have been opening up slowly. They’ve also been open later than they were in previous months. I have a feeling my state will reopen soon. I, being an essential worker, have not really been able to shelter in place, so I technically have not been quarantined at all. I have thankfully been able to maintain overall good health for the most part, so I will continue on my journey until this is all over. I have plans to restart working out again. I haven’t exactly gotten completely out of shape, but I need to get back into working out more regularly. Until then, I will try to start streaming on Twitch, Periscope, or Youtube, once a week as well so I can be in front of a Live audience. I will be Live on Twitch today playing a video game, so make sure to follow me on Twitch as well as all my other social media.

Until the Next Daydream….

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