A “Tolerant” Society: Acceptance and Boundaries

Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions

Gilbert K. Chesterson

Since man’s inception, there have been words and phrases that describe various codes of conduct or virtues that are expected of men. Virtues such as bravery, strength, honor, or mastery can often grant men reward for living up to them to create and maintain a better society. Without virtues or codes of conduct, civilization would not have existed very long. Virtues and codes are the backbone of any philosophy or culture. They display the standard of what it means to be a productive society. There are, however, virtues that should be questioned as to whether or not they are important to civilization’s growth and upkeep, or if they are a hinderance that only sets mankind back. And that brings the audience to the current subject: Tolerance.

Modern day America has been very focused on the idea of neverending tolerance. Whether it is celebrities, the media, or even politicians, everyone seems to wish to tell the average American that tolerance of all things is our highest value and must be preached about regularly. America demands that you must respect different cultures, traditions, and opinions. Seems harmless, right? But is acceptance really what this is all about? Is there some other agenda at work here?

If recent events have proven anything to even the most casual of observers, it’s that the people or groups that preach the greatness of tolerance are usually the most intolerant when offered an opposing viewpoint. One isn’t even required to offer an opposing viewpoint to anger the “tolerant”. They simply become enraged when they hear or read any opinion they don’t like. Their lack of tolerance has been manifested in various forms, one of the most infamous being cancel culture in which an online mob seeks out information into a person’s job, school, or community in order to publicly shame, fire, or exile a person from engaging in real life.

Modern discourse has often shown that people are less willing to engage with one another honestly despite being a more tolerant society due to the fear of being “cancelled” by a mob of anonymous people online. The concept of tolerance has been seen in a negative light for the majority of human history. Only in recent times has it been seen as a moral virtue as opposed to just being willing to accept the fact that not all humans think alike. If viewed from the negative viewpoint, tolerance as merely something to accept as a part of reality actually required more patience and grace than moralizing it as a virtue for an entire society under the threat of exile ever will. With the former, it is a choice. Forcing others to be tolerant doesn’t make one just or good, it turns everyone into one another’s enemy as has been proven time and again when observing recent events. Forced tolerance is intolerance.

The forced tolerance of today’s era is little more than merely accepting all beliefs, religions, cultures, and viewpoints as equal or valid. There is no room in the moral relativism of today’s brand of tolerance for objective facts. One can’t claim the sky is blue because, according to the ever changing rules of today’s culture, one individual’s blue is another’s red. Simply put, that means nothing is true. Everything we know is subject to change, therefore, nothing makes sense and the rules can be overturned to benefit those in power no matter what since there is no such thing as objective fact.

When a society “tolerates” everything, the manifestation of lowered or nonexistent standards becomes a part of everyday life for the average American. The sky is orange, men and women are the same, being obese is considered okay, and so on. People within a society just end up chasing the next product to consume without a care for how they live their lives until they realize they’ve done nothing and can no longer fix the broken lives they’ve led. They have nothing to pass on to any future offspring because they lived in the moment and looked towards nothing. This mentality drives many within society’s ranks to question whether it is even worth it to reproduce. After all, they are too busy working overtime to get the newest iphone so they can watch porn from their neighbor’s WiFi from their closet sized apartment. When humanity tolerates everything, no boundaries on what is considered acceptable or unacceptable behavior or lifestlye choices are established. Eventually, that society collapses under its own weight due to the lack of building for the future.

Boundaries are healthy and necessary for any person or society to function in a meaningful and healthy way. Boundaries help an individual stand up for themselves. A person who can tolerate anything and everything can find no meaning in simply chasing one pleasure after the next while letting their bodies get fat and soft. There is no point in their existence. No honor to uphold. No tradition to take pride in. You need a healthy standard to create or maintain a cultural tradition or even a healthy body. If everything is tolerated, one has no reason to hold onto anything they love because anything goes and nothing matters. We live in a world where we are demanded to tolerate religious or cultural views which have demonstrated time and again that they will not tolerate the society that welcomed them in. Those cultures end up changing the rules within the neighborhoods they take up space in. Our cities become their cities and the towns a citizenry remembered growing up in no longer feels like home. The society tolerates sexually charged parades in view of small children. It tolerates religions that kill the very people that let them in. It tolerates high crime, obesity, and failure in every sector of life because no one ever say No. The reason those other cultures or values can take over so easily is because despite the government being secular, they at least set standards for their communities. They have boundaries and refuse to participate in “tolerance”. Those cultures refused to bow. That is why they’ve been able to maintain their values.

To conclude this, one must come to the conclusion that the world simply cannot tolerate everything even that which has demonstrated time and again to harm the collective health of our society. The modern incarnation of tolerance is not an acceptance of reality, but a mockery of it. The best we can do as a society is to reject the notion that tolerating everything is healthy. Tolerance, by today’s standard will do more harm than good and the only thing that can hold it back is a return to objective reality and setting proper boundaries. We, as a collective society, must return to some form of traditional honor religious or not. The West must say no.

Until the next Daydream….

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