Alone in A Crowded World: A Philosophical Perspective on Nonconformity in Modern Times

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Rob Siltanen

It seems ironic that nowadays, everyone wants to consider themselves “counterculture” when their very ideas are being shaped and formed by major corporations and media outlets. Everyone likes to believe that they are different or that they are individuals. While it is true, most people generally accept and follow trends. People want acceptance within the greater culture because humans are social animals. Only a year ago, it was almost illegal to wear a mask to enter a place of business. In that same time frame, social distancing was considered something only extreme introverts would partake in willingly. As time went on, many in most blue states in the United States blindly accepted the terms their local governments placed on them even as they saw their own lives change as a direct result of said policies.

Life in America will never be the same again. There are those who blindly obey every rule the government will impose while there are others who are vocal in their opposition. Some do so in the form of protest. Others have tried with their votes. There are fewer still who will do so in their actions. During the lockdowns, there were multiple items in stores missing such as toilet paper. There are few among us who learned the lessions of the lockdown to be prepared for when another lockdown may arise or worse. Many are simply trying to return to some sense of normal without bucking the trend of masks and vaccines.

Many are simply spending what little money they do make on designer goods and consumer items even though the commercials and advertising has clearly shifted gears towards social justice. What seems to be the point of buying products when they simply virtue signal even at the cost of alienating their primary consumers? It seems the only way to be a true nonconformist these days is to simply stop financing companies who clearly hate you and your identity.

This is nothing new although it feels new to people today. People have simply dropped out of participating in society in the past. Many philosophers such as Lao Tzu gave up their lofty positions when they understood the world was changing. Others like Marcus Aurelius understood that he had to constantly remind himself to try to be a consistently good person. He didn’t want his power to overwhelm him. Going against the grain was likely very difficult for both of them, but they knew that remaining in their comfort zone would probably place them in a circumstance they couldn’t handle.

Doing what is seen as unconventional is always difficult. It seems especially difficult now that the government wants to intervene in every activity we participate in. The difficult thing is that this will turn brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and will only increase the amount of distrust people have with one another. If one is to have a differing opinion than the status quo nowadays, he may not have a job anymore. The nonconfomrist stands to risk everything for what they believe is right more than ever. The only question one must have is what means more to you? Following the law or doing what you feel is morally just? This is a quesiton only you can answer.

Until the Next Daydream…

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