Natural Hierarchy: The Common Ground of Authority in Principles

The natural law is the origin and principle of all virtues and their acts, therefore we must first speak about natural law.

William of Auxerre

No matter what part of the world one dwells in, there is always a set of principles or laws that govern every city, state, or country. Throughout every civilization, it seems that these principles are ingrained in the collective consciousness of all human beings. This post seeks to discuss the natural principles that bind all mankind together regardless of ethnicity, country, or religion. There is a natural hierarchy or law that seems to bind all humans together in order to interact within the world in harmony. That will be discussed here in some detail. The first place to start in this discussion is in the area of religion and philosophy of natural law, principles, and hierarchy.

I do believe that the original sources of all religions should be taught, because with that we will find our similarities, not just our differences. I believe that if Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, and Moses all got together they would be best of friends because the spiritual basis of all religions is something that builds unity.

Yehuda Berg

In all religions and philosophies, there is a higher power or concept that guides humanity towards righteous action towards nature or the community in general. Many organized religions advocate a natural hierarchy where humans of every status play a role in the cosmic order of things. Religions such as Daoism and Shinto, for example, determine that there is a force or a power that created all the gods and those gods in turn created their specific lands and the humans that inhabit those regions. Daoists call this creative energy Dao while Shinto named this power Musubi or Musuhi.

In Greece and Rome, this creative force is known as either Eros or Logos. Although this source is described differently by each religion or philosophy, the common factor lies in the fact that there is a source of all life or creation. This source is considered the highest authority to the point to where it doesn’t require worship, but to be merely understood in its awe inspiring power. Any attempt to control this source is futile, so it is better to attempt to control what is within one’s individual power which is one’s thoughts and actions.

Despite the differences in regions or philosophies, there is always a principle to respect nature and life. No matter what religion one subscribes to, killing for pleasure is routinely frowned upon. Even an atheist understands that killing for pleasure is wrong based on the results that wanton murder brings along with it. No society is better off when people routinely wrong others within the tribe because it negatively affects the tribe.

With this in mind, there is authority within the group to establish a society that enchances and benefits the greater society as a whole. A natural hierarchy of the strongest, most intelligent, or best suited people to lead the rest towards harmony within the world. Religion has shamans, priests, or philosophers who determine the best course of action for the community in their interactions with the higher powers. Governments have kings, presidents, and governing bodies. Corporations have employers and employees. Philosophers have mentors and students. Everyone plays their role in this natural order.

In order for one to navigate this, one must fulfill their role until they can ascend it towards a higher role as they reach their stages of life. A child will respect their parents until adulthood in which they will become parents themselves. In this sense, equality is a false notion. A pipe dream for losers who don’t have any power over their own lives. If everyone and everything is equal, how will anyone lead? What knowledge can be shared if everyone has the same level of power within the society? This notion of natural equality is impossible and therefore unnatural.

That is not to say that people should not be treated with mutual respect. The fact is some people are better suited for some roles than others. The limit of equality is to treat others equally under the law. Anything other than that is a demand to disrespect natural authority. The similar notions for a governing authority in all religions, ethics, and philosophy is universal no matter what one names that authority. There will always be a higher power whose motives are not clearly understood by the majority. All one can do is understand their limits within the universal current and seek only to control what is within their individual power.

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