Clown World: 3 Quotes to Survive in Chaos

As of recently, the average American and just about everyone else globally has been enduring the nonsense that continues to degrade society. It gets to the point where people think that they might be living in some sort of dark comedy to which there is no punchline. The insanity of our modern culture makes people question whether the world was ever normal to begin with. Many on the internet like to refer to this period of time as a sort of clown world where nothing makes sense and everything is stupid.

The truth is that there were always periods of insanity and chaos in every generation. There has always been a clown world in every society in every culture. When the world goes crazy, there have always been those willing to help others navigate the chaotic flow until some semblance of order was restored. This post wishes to explore three quotes in history and philosophy that could possibly help us deal with the clown world we live in.

“If one does not get it into his head from the very beginning that the world is full of unseemly situations, for the most part his demeanour will be poor and he will not be believed by others.”

Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

Accepting reality means to also understand that life is often absurd. There are moments in life where nothing will make sense. The only thing one can do in these situations is accept the uncertainty of everyday life. If you can do anything, try to control your own behavior and actions. Allowing “clown world”to shape your decisions could very well cost you your livelihood and peace of mind. It is your responsibility as an individual to stay balanced and centered in life. Accepting society’s ridiculousness is probably the best way to understand where you stand in the world. One cannot control the world, but one can control the self.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

As much as one would like to have a sense of structure and order in every part of their life, chaos is actually necessary to grow. Some of the best moments in a human being’s life often come from situations where they don’t have much control over anything. When one is driven out of their comfort zone, they are forced to test their character against the winds of change. Chaos can certainly build character if one allows time for themselves to have introspection into who they are. Perhaps chaos can change a person into someone better. The insanity of clown world can introduce a person to themselves if they are willing to pay attention.

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”

Henry Adams

If one is to be honest of the nature of life, the acceptance of chaos is a requirement to survive. Rarely has anything ever truly gone as planned in everyday life. There has always been some sort of inconvenience or issue that introduces itself into one’s daily life. That is simply because chaos is natural. Order is the thing that man strives for. Order is what men desire. Clown world is just a world becoming chaotic. Life itself is chaos because tomorrow is never guaranteed. All one can do is accept that and make the best of what he or she has. No one can predict the very moments after the one they are presently in. Clown world is not some sort of orderly functional society. It is a society in decline giving in to chaos. This has been inevitable in every single society due to the only constant of change. Whether this is good or bad for an individual may vary, but chaos is the nature of the world. The better one can navigate that chaos, the better one’s life can be.

Until the next Daydream…

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