Smoke & Mirrors: Distractions and Focus

“When we clutter our lives with imagined obligations, unnecessary activities, and distractions that only kill time, we dilute the power of our lives.”

Anne Katherine

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The topics of distraction and focus have been touched upon in a previous post, but it is absolutely necessary to remember that the battle for attention and focus is one that people will have to grapple with for the rest of their lives. Today’s latest distraction is the fact that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face after the latter poked fun at Jada’s hair condition. While it might be entertaining, it is almost a certainty that this is a way to distract the audience from something else that would directly affect them.

Distractions are an easy way to lose focus on systems for self improvement and life goals. One slip up could ruin the balance in a person’s life if they are not careful. The reason distraction is so powerful is because it is a method of escaping reality. What was once a fun activity quickly becomes an addiction because people don’t confront the things that bother them or hinder their progress. The fear of failure is so great that the average man or woman would rather distract themselves with mindless entertainment or some other task in order to avoid the hard work that it will take to improve their lives. This is not to say that a person should never have fun, but the minute the distraction starts to affect your regular life, it quickly becomes an addiction and doing anything other than distracting yourself starts to feel like work even if it’s good for you. How does a person deal with distraction in order to meet whatever gold they have in mind? Are there courses of action that can be used to get balance and a path forward back in someone’s life?

Losing focus on societal level has always existed throughout mankind’s history. The Romans had the gladiator coliseums and endless orgies to distract common citizenry from the fact that Rome was falling. The most famous warriors and philosophers in China and Japan would often have to retreat to the mountains to focus on their skills in order to avoid distractions from their respective societies and avoid the endless civil wars.

The scenes that are displayed today in modern America are no different. Endless television, video games, endless foreign wars, and pop culture keep modern man so entertained that they don’t make time to develop skills or focus on their goals. Many people in modern society don’t even have goals to accomplish.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett

Part of the reason for this stems from the fact that modern man is not often challenged. Humans today are told that they are fine just the way they are and that there is nothing wrong with them when nothing could be further from the truth since all men are flawed. The millennial generation was lied to when they were given participation trophies. This results from a fear of failure. A fear of being too hard on others. When there is nothing meaningful worth accomplishing, people will simply just exist without rhyme or reason. People with nothing to accomplish are easily distracted by whatever mainstream media puts in front of them.

“If there is effort, there is always accomplishment”.

Kano Jigoro

What people need in order to accomplish anything is a reason to accomplish a goal. Give them a “why”and people will find out “how”. People need effort. They require struggle. When there’s struggle, people will have no choice but to focus on the task at hand. A society of people that have nothing to struggle towards will accomplish nothing and eventually degenerates since nothing ever stays the same. Things only either get better or worse.

I’ve already written a blog post on how to avoid distractions and retain focus if you wish to read it here.

Until the next Daydream ..

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