Saturday Sample: Rejected

A sample from the upcoming Red Pill Romantic Comedy Novel, 50 Walls to Hit. Becky faces the hard hitting truth of The Wall.


Monday Motivation: Do It Anyway

The fear of failure is the primary reason for never reaching one’s goal. There is never a right time to act. You will fail from time to time. The goal is never easy, but life is too short to wait until the right moment to do what is necessary to accomplish what you want from... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare’s Path (poem)

A dreamer in isolation, Observes a world in desolation. A horror beyond human understanding, Creates only suffering everlasting. Hope is lost as the dreamer walks, Into an abyss where a nightmare stalks. Do dreamers have a prayer or a chance, To put an end to this unholy dance? Until the next daydream…….. Join the Email... Continue Reading →

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