The Art of the Useless: Lightening your Workload in Life

“They will tell you you’re useless, if they can’t use you.” Marty Rubin Society as one knows it has become more reliant on being productive in every waking moment of a person’s life. People in many countries literally work themselves to death for entities that could replace them once they’ve outlived their usefulness to theContinue reading “The Art of the Useless: Lightening your Workload in Life”

5 Books Written For Men Every Woman Should Read

5 Books Written For Men Every Woman Should Read.

Smoke & Mirrors: Distractions and Focus

We are a consistently distracted Nation

On New Beginnings: Goal Setting For the New Year

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” -Buddha

A new year means new beginnings. New Goals. A new way to think. Here are some updates and plans for the New Year for Daydreams Manifesting and more.

Natural Hierarchy: The Common Ground of Authority in Principles

“The natural law is the origin and principle of all virtues and their acts, therefore we must first speak about natural law.” -William of Auxerre

The Samurai Code: Utilizing Bushido Philosophy in Everyday Life

Samurai. They are considered among the most feared warriors of all time. Their reputation in war and swordsmanship have been the subject of numerous discussions in history. What made the samurai different from other medieval swordsmen wasn’t solely their prowess in fighting, but also their strict code of honor. That code among the samurai isContinue reading “The Samurai Code: Utilizing Bushido Philosophy in Everyday Life”

The Warrior’s Philosophy: Judo in Everyday Life

“He who can suppress a moment’s anger may prevent many days’ sorrow.” Tryon Edwards When one thinks of philosophy, most think of academics, politicians, and writers. Among those are a chosen few who have devoted their lives to the path of fighting. Among the most philosophical minds are those whose lives have been burdened byContinue reading “The Warrior’s Philosophy: Judo in Everyday Life”