5 Books Written For Men Every Woman Should Read

5 Books Written For Men Every Woman Should Read.

Smoke & Mirrors: Distractions and Focus

We are a consistently distracted Nation

On New Beginnings: Goal Setting For the New Year

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” -Buddha

A new year means new beginnings. New Goals. A new way to think. Here are some updates and plans for the New Year for Daydreams Manifesting and more.

Natural Hierarchy: The Common Ground of Authority in Principles

“The natural law is the origin and principle of all virtues and their acts, therefore we must first speak about natural law.” -William of Auxerre

The Warrior’s Philosophy: Judo in Everyday Life

“He who can suppress a moment’s anger may prevent many days’ sorrow.” Tryon Edwards When one thinks of philosophy, most think of academics, politicians, and writers. Among those are a chosen few who have devoted their lives to the path of fighting. Among the most philosophical minds are those whose lives have been burdened byContinue reading “The Warrior’s Philosophy: Judo in Everyday Life”

The Blind Leading the Blind: Navigating a World Without Leadership

“Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology” Chinua Achebe Are there any solutions to today’s problems? Has man finally reached a point where there is no wisdom to be shared? Is there nothing that can be passed down from father to son or mother to daughter? In a society where it seems that anything goes, oneContinue reading “The Blind Leading the Blind: Navigating a World Without Leadership”