Zhenren: Living Truthfully in a World of Lies

Do you love yourself? Is there anything about yourself you wish to improve/change? What do you genuinely want to do with your life? Are you being honest to yourself or others about your intentions, dreams, and desires? This is the essence of Zhenren. Living the Authentic Life.

The Art of the Useless: Lightening your Workload in Life

“They will tell you you’re useless, if they can’t use you.” Marty Rubin Society as one knows it has become more reliant on being productive in every waking moment of a person’s life. People in many countries literally work themselves to death for entities that could replace them once they’ve outlived their usefulness to the…


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About Me

Hi, My name is Enrique. I am an author, livestreamer, and philosophy lover. I run Daydreams Manifesting to keep the public informed on current events, but wish to look at things from the lens of philosophy.

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