Daydreams Manifesting GhostWriting Service

This is the page for my Ghostwriting service or all other services related to writing, video making, and all other related media. Ghostwriting prices are below. You will not find a cheaper ghostwriter anywhere. My prices are insanely low, but you will be guaranteed quick, efficient work and will be allowed to retain all royalties for yourself. You hereby pay for my silence and my work. If you do not pay for services rendered after I display a preview of said work to your email, I retain the right to keep the work for myself to do as I see fit considering I did the work.

Daydreams Manifesting GhostWriting Prices

  • $1.00 USD per full page if writing a book or short story
  • $1.00 per poem if 1 page or less
  • $8.00 per blog post
  • #10.00 USD per video
  • Any additional pages after 150 pages in the proj will require an additional $10 USD per page.

If you wish to contact me regarding services, please do so at the form below and I will respond in a timely fashion (most likely within the same day). If you cancel services during or after I start working on your project, I will keep all work for myself. You are not required to pay Daydreams Manifesting until after the work is completed. You will be notified and given a preview of said work upon completion of the current project. There are no refunds since you are buying my silence and will take credit for all royalties and possible success the project may present to you.


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