Zhenren: Living Truthfully in a World of Lies

Do you love yourself?

Is there anything about yourself you wish to improve/change?

What do you genuinely want to do with your life?

Are you being honest to yourself or others about your intentions, dreams, and desires?

This is the essence of Zhenren. Living the Authentic Life.

Natural Hierarchy: The Common Ground of Authority in Principles

“The natural law is the origin and principle of all virtues and their acts, therefore we must first speak about natural law.” -William of Auxerre

Do As I do: 3 Quotes on Leading by Example

When one thinks of leaders and leadership, people wish to think of standards and practices that work in real time. No one likes the manager who tells you to do one thing and does the opposite. Everyone from parents to school teachers and elected officials are supposed to remind us of how we as peopleContinue reading “Do As I do: 3 Quotes on Leading by Example”

A Light Within the Darkness: Seeking Opportunity in Hopelessness

When it all looks hopeless, it may simply be the right time to create an opportunity.